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What is a Group of Crabs Called?

    There are many collective nouns for groups of crabs, but the most common is “a cast of crabs.” Other collective nouns for crabs include:

    • a clutch of crabs
    • a congregation of crabs
    • a mess of crabs
    • a pod of crabs
    • a raft of crabs
    • a scuttle of crabs
    • a shiver of crabs
    • a swarm of crabs

    The collective noun “consortium of crabs” is also sometimes used, but it is less common.

    The type of collective noun used for a group of crabs can vary depending on the species of crab, the location, and the context. For example, a group of fiddler crabs might be called a “ditty,” while a group of hermit crabs might be called a “colony.”

    Ultimately, the best collective noun to use for a group of crabs is the one that sounds the most natural and appropriate in the given situation.

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