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Westport, Washington

In order to have a tasty dinner, you don’t need to be an expert fisherman. At least, this is not the case in Westport, Washington.

As a first tip, you should know how to make the difference between the various types of crabbing. For example, using a big pot is acceptable sometimes, but smaller crabbing traps are excellent and can be used almost any time. Keep reading to find out more details.


This region features two kinds of crabs (Red Rock and Dungeness); thus, the restrictions vary.

  • Dungeness crabs

When it comes to these types of crabs, you can keep 6 male crabs and they must all measure a minimum of 6 inches. If you come across smaller ones or if some of them are female, then return them to the water.

  • Red Rock crabs

The restrictions for these crabs are a bit different. While limit is the same – six – you can catch both male and female crabs. However, this type of crab should be bigger than 5 inches to be legally caught.

Other Things to Consider

You must remember that any crab that has a softshell must be put back in the water. Also, while you are near the fishing area, you are required to keep the crabs with their hard shells on.

When Can You Go Crabbing?

When we are talking about the Washington state, you should know that the crabbing season begins on the 1st of December. Remember, we are talking about crabbing with large pots.

The season remains open until the middle of September (the 15th, to be more precise). Although, as we said, the crabbing season is open for the most part of the year, you should know that commercial crabbing happens only during the winter and spring months.

These date restrictions are only for commercial and sport crabbing because catching them in smaller traps is allowed all the time.

Sport Crabbing

For some of you, crabbing is a sport – a fun activity to have as often as possible. And you should know that Westport is one of the places where you can enjoy this activity. Westport Fishing Boardwalk is the biggest fish landing port in Washington and offers an area to throw small traps and catch your dinner.

And if you are an admirer of docks and boats, you should take a walk across the marina and gaze at the commercial boats that come and go or at the already-docked ones.