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Crabbing in Washington State

Even if you are not a professional fisherman, you can still enjoy a delicious crab dinner that is made with a crab that you caught on your own while in Washington State.

Although crabbing season is limited, you can fish with much smaller traps during anytime of the year. Besides a few of gender and size restrictions, you can choose almost any crabs that you want to keep and also the ones that you want to throw back in.

So, if you are ready to travel to Washington State or the Puget Sound and spend some time crabbing, there are some tips that will make your entire excursion more enjoyable.

The season begins in the state on December 1, and it lasts until September 15 of the next year. Although crabbing season is open for most of the year, commercial crabbers generally prefer to do most of their crabbing during the winter and the spring.

The dates for the season only apply to those who are crabbing for sport and/or commercial crabbers. This also means that you can use smaller traps to catch crab during the entire year.

Commercial Catches

The boats that professional crabbers use in their businesses are designed with a large cage that is known as a pot. This is what the crabbers use for their catches. These pots are dropped into the water, after the bait has been placed inside. Crabs are able to enter into the pot, but they are not able to get out.

As the crabs float up, a crew member on the boat pulls the pot out of the water. The crabs are then emptied onto the floor of the boat. Many crabbers make multiple trips to and from their fishing location to the shore, and they often keep extra pots and supplies stored at a marina.

Catching Crabs For Sport

If you just want to crab for sport, there are locations in the state that welcome crabbing enthusiasts. The Westport Fishing Boardwalk is just one location that welcomes seasonal crabbers.

This boardwalk is one of the largest fishing ports in the state, and you can also take a walk to the marina to watch the commercial boats as they travel to and from the marina. You can also just sit there and admire the ones that are already docked. If you want, you can also throw out a small trap and catch a nice crab for you and your loved one to enjoy for dinner.

Crabbing is a fun hobby that many have turned into a profitable business. Washington State offers some of the best crabbing for new and seasoned crabbers alike.