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Crabbing in Tillamook Bay

Are you planning on going to Tillamook Bay to go crabbing soon? Tillamook Bay is a very popular place, located just north of Cape Meares, where people go to crab.

Many people find it to be one of their favorite spots. Travel about 75 miles west of Portland.

Crabbing can be hard, especially if it is your first time trying it out. Fortunately, even for beginners, you can use simple tips to increase your success rate of catching crabs in the Tillamook Bay. Let’s go over three simple tips you can use to increase your success rate of catching crabs.

Find a Good Location

You need to find a good location if you plan on having a high success rate catching crabs. The Tillamook Bay is a great place to catch crabs, but you must also know where to drop your nets to catch anything. Crabs like to hide from their predators so you’ll most likely find them in the seaweed. Be sure to drop your nuts in the seaweed to catch the most crabs in the Tillamook Bay.

Bank access to this area is found at the end of the Bay Ocean Peninsula/Cape Mears Lake parking lot located off Bayocean Rd. 7.3 miles north of Hwy 131;

From the parking area at the end of 12th St. in Garibaldi

By Boat

Access the Garibaldi Boat Basin and Launch off Hwy 101, in the city center, by turning west on 7th St. Crabbing can also be done off public piers at the south end of the Boat Basin or from the parking area at the end of 12th St. in Garibaldi.

Go to Deep Waters

If it is possible that you should try to go to deeper waters to catch crabs. The crabs in the deeper waters tend to be larger and tastier. You can find the deepest waters by using a fish radar.

Use Aniseed Oil to Your Benefit

Aniseed oil is a great and very effective way of catching a lot of crabs. This powerful oil can attract crabs like nothing else and you also don’t have to use a lot of it. All you need is one drop and the crabs will start flocking to your traps. You can find this oil online, but be sure it is legal in the area.

These are just a few ways that you can easily improve your success rate of catching in the Tillamook Bay.