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Swan River, Austraila

Maybe you already know that the best time to catch crabs in Perth is during that sweet period between late spring and autumn. And since that period is approaching, perhaps it’s best to go through some of the details necessary for this endeavor.

While you might be tempted to head to Mandurah in order to catch blue swimmer crabs, you should know that Swan River is an excellent alternative. Also, you may catch larger, tastier crabs here.

Worthy Tips on How to Catch Them

It quite simple to catch crabs in shallow waters. However, for a worthy catch, you should use drop nets with plenty of rope because the deeper you get, the more satisfying the catch will be.

You should have at least eight meters worth of rope. However, for an experienced crabber, not even 20 meters can be enough. If you have more rope, it will allow you to reach deeper, thus coming to a better result.

A great tip would be to use bait boxes or baskets. This way, you won’t be bothered by fish that would try to take a bite of your bait. And when it comes to actually catching them, you could try scooping; still, drop nets will provide better results.

Important Questions

  • What kind of bait should I use?

Actually, you would be best advised to use fish frames or heads and even lamb on the bone.

  • What else should I use?

Besides bait, you can even use your bare hands. Wire hooks are also a good option. Keep in mind that drop nets shouldn’t be wider than 1.5 m in diameter and the total number of such nets shouldn’t exceed 10.

For scooping, it seems that a scoop net is the best choice. Being a hand-held plastic or wire scoop shaped like a bowl, these nets should be wider than 375 mm and they must come with a depth bigger than 210 mm.

  • How big can the crabs be?

From a legal point of view, an acceptable crab shouldn’t exceed 127 mm in its diameter. And this is the case for every region state-wide.

  • How many crabs can I catch?

Usually, you will be able to get as much as 20 crabs per person each day you desire to go crabbing. However, the West Coast Bioregion (near Augusta, north of Kalbarri) allows for only 10 crabs per person.