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Find Crabs in Red Bank

If you want to be one of the many who can state ‘I caught crabs at the Red Bank Marina’, then all you have to do is give this short article a read. Perhaps you already found out that the most convenient ways of catching crabs consist of using drop lines or traps with bait.

After you put on the bait, all you have to do is throw it in the water and lift your dinner as you feel the tug. You will have to choose between renting a rowboat or a motorboat if you don’t find yourself in possession of one already.

Where Is the Red Bank Marina?

This magical crabbing spot finds itself within walking distance from the Red Bank town center. It is found near various shops, restaurants, and convenience and liquor stores. It will offer you 30 years’ worth of marina experience, especially because it is a family-owned business.

How to Tell the Crabs Them Apart

Before starting any crabbing “adventure”, you must know how to tell apart female crabs from male crabs. When we are talking about blue claw crabs, you should know that the male crab features blue claws, while the female has its claws “painted” in red.

Another key feature used to distinguish male and female crabs is the abdomen. More exactly, when you turn them upside down, you will be able to see that the male features an inverted “T”. On the other hand, the female abdomen comes with a triangular form.

New Jersey Crab Regulations

You must know that the state of New Jersey doesn’t allow the catch of female crabs. They must be returned to the water if they are caught in your net.

If you want to know the measurements that make a crab good to carry home and cook, then measure it. If it exceeds 4 and a half inches, then that crab can be taken, if not, then you must put it back.

A Quick Recipe

Now, that you have your capture, you can rinse the crabs in water. Then, put the crabs in boiling water for about ten minutes.

In case you like a little bit of spice in your life, then you can use some seasoning, as it will offer a nice flavor. You will know when they are done because their shells will become bright red.

Take them out of the pot, let them cool off and they’re good to go. As a pro tip, we suggest you boil them in beer. This will result in a tastier and juicier crab.