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Catch Crabs at Pacifica Pier

Are you planning on crabbing in at Pacific Municipal Pier soon?

The 1,140 foot is a big hit with the local population for fishing and crab catching alike.

The season begins in November and lasts throughout July.  Dungeness crab, not available elsewhere in the Bay Area, can be found in mass around the pier.

Other nearby hotspots:

Linda Mar Beach

Pedro Point

Let’s go over three powerful ways you can begin catching crabs in the Pacific Pier.

Go Where Crab are Located

Crabbing is something that many people like to do because they can usually sell the crabs for a profit. It can be difficult for a beginner to learn how to crab successfully.

Luckily, there are a few powerful tips you can use to greatly increase your chances of catching a full net of crabs.

If you want to be successful in crabbing you must know what crabs are generally located. Most crabs tend to hide in seaweed because it protects them from their predators. You will want to drop your nets or pots in the seaweed so you will have the best chance of catching any crabs. Your success rate can be increased by using a larger net as well.

Use a Larger Net

If you want to increase your chance of catching crabs be sure to use a larger net. You can find larger nets at your local fish store. You can also find them at online fishing stores.

Use Dead Fish as Bait

Using dead fish is also a great way to attract crabs. Crabs are scavengers and they tend to eat carcasses that are on the bottom of the sea. You can also try using old meat as bait as well. Old meat or dead fish are very effective ways to catch crabs.

These are just a few ways that beginners should go crabbing in the Pacifica Pier. Be sure to place your net where crabs are located, use a larger net, and use dead fish as bait to catch the most crabs. Hopefully, by using these tips you can catch plenty of crabs.

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