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An Overview Of Crabbing In Newport Oregon

If you are familiar with Newport, Oregon, then you are well aware that it is one of the most popular crabbing locations in the United States. In fact, the city trademarked the phrase ‘Dungeness Capital of the World‘ in 2007.

The commercial crabbers in Newport have been harvesting a record number of crabs for several years in a row, and there are now more opportunities for locals and visitors to search and harvest this delicacy for themselves right off of the Yaquina Bay. You can go crabbing on the docks, or you can go crabbing from the boat.

Hotspots & Locations

The Bridge Bed

Idaho Flats

Sally’s Bend

Upper Bay

The Basic Rules

You don’t have a lot of money? No problem. You do not need a lot of money or preparation in order to go crabbing. It is a great excursion for individuals and families, and The Bay is open to crabbers all year.

However, during the beginning of autumn through winter, the crabs are generally heavier. This means that they weigh more because they have more meat, and it is best to crab when there is not much of a difference between the tides.

Never go crabbing after it has been raining heavily. During heavy rains, crabs are swirled around in The Bay, and they are not able to feed as easily.

There are some items you will need before you head out on the water. The first thing you will need is a copy of the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations. You will also need a measuring tool to ‘gauge’ the crabs. In order to go crabbing legally, you will also need to have a valid Oregon fishing license.

Each crabber cannot have more than 12 Dungeness crabs (males) that measure at least 5 ¾ inches. However, you can keep 24 Red Rock crabs of any size and any sex.

Be sure to dress warmly and bring your bait. You can bait your traps with:

Small fish
Other meat

It is important that the bait you use is fresh.

Crabbing From The Pier

It is less expensive to go crabbing from the pier than it is to crab from a boat. Unfortunately, you will be limited to where you can drop your line or your traps.

The Port of Newport is a public fishing pier, and is located near the historic Newport Bay Bridge. Other popular crabbing locations are Bay Street and Abbey Street Piers. Once you have selected your spot, you can tie off the end of your line and keep your pots in a position that won’t interfere with boat traffic.

Newport, Oregon is one of the best crabbing locations in the Northwest. You will enjoy a great crabbing adventure and one of the most delicious culinary experiences you will ever have.

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