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Catch Crabs in Netarts Bay

Are you planning on taking a trip to going crabbing soon? Many people like to have a tasty dinner afterward. It can be difficult for a beginner to go crabbing because they’re not sure what tricks to use to catch the crabs. There are some simple tips that you can use when crabbing that will help you catch a boatload of them, but you also need to make sure you are in the right area!

Top Hotspots & Locations

  • Near the end of Crab Ave.  Beach access to area 4 is obtained from Netarts Bay Drive, and is located around the mouth of Rice Creek.
  • Bank access from Netarts Bay Drive, both to the north and south of the intersection of Whisky Creek Road and Netarts Bay Drive
  • Netarts Bay Drive north of the Whiskey Creek Café
  • From the boat basin to the mouth of Rice Creek


Let’s go over the top three tips that you can use to catch the most crabs in Netarts Bay.

Use Seaweed to Your Advantage

If you want to catch the most crab see you and need to know where they are located. Most crabs tend to locate near seaweed because it offers them protection. You want to place your traps near seaweed for the best results.

Try Aniseed Oil

If you really want to attract a lot of crabs you can try aniseed oil. This powerful oil can attract crabs from a far distance. You can rub it on pot or nets to attract crabs. You have to be careful with the oil because sometimes it is illegal to use in certain parts of the country. I recommend you try this oil now if it is legal in your local area since you will have no problems attracting crabs with it.

Use Stinky Bait

You will want to use bait that is smelly bait because most crabs are attracted to it since they are scavengers. Most crabs eat dead fish so you want to try this as an option.

These are just a few ways that you can start catching crabs in Netarts. Be sure to use seaweed to your advantage, aniseed seed oil, and stinky bait. Hopefully, you do well when you go crabbing.

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