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Catch Crabs in Nehalem Bay

Crabbing in Nehalem Bay is quite the adventure, and there are many great spots to visit. Are you going to be launching a boat, or do you plan to walk out to the location from where you parked? That is the first question you need to ask yourself. Do you have your shovel and crabbing pot ready? Here are some of the best areas for crabbing in Nehalem Bay.

First let’s get back to that question about whether or not you are going to launch a boat. Some areas of Nehalem Bay can only be accessed by boat. Additionally, it helps to know some of the best places for launching your boat.

One such place is Kelley’s Brighton Marina, which we will talk about more in just a minute. Other great places to launch your boat include Nehalem Bay State Park, Wheeler Marina, Jetty Fishery and the County Boat Ramp.

All of those places and the areas that surround them are great ways to get your crabbing adventure started by boat. However, we are going to pick one that is considered perhaps the premier place for enjoying crabbing adventures.

It is Kelley’s Brighton Marina.

When you visit this area to launch your boat, you are going to be greeted with quite the scene. Furthermore, not only can you go crabbing there, but it is a great place to enjoy camping and fishing, too. You will find Brighton Marina north of Rockaway Beach on Highway 101. Enjoy some delicious and fresh seafood, and have a great time out there crabbing.

Are you ready for Nehalem Bay? It is ready for you. You could pick any one of these popular locations to get started, but I wanted to make a recommendation for one of the best places. Find lots of dungeness crabs, and eat well while you are visiting this beautiful hotspot.

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