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Catch Crabs in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a go-to destination for many crabbers, but the internet is quite scarce in info pertaining to the regulations and the abundance or lack thereof of crabs in that area. We’ve got you covered though, so next time you’re at Myrtle Beach State Park Pier, you’ll go home with a good capture.

Restrictions and Limitations

South Carolina is pretty steadfast when it comes to the legislation that crabbers have to respect in order to be allowed to crab in the waters of Myrtle Beach. To start with the beginning, one is forbidden to crab more than 2 pots of crabs recreationally.

If you want to crab more than that, you will need to purchase a license (the Commercial Saltwater Fishing type). Another restriction concerns the pots: you cannot leave the pots in the water for more than 5 days and you’ll have to set them far from the landing (over 200 yards).

If you plan on setting the pots and then leave to have some fun on the pier or out of town, you are required to write your name and your license number or address on those pots, lest you’ll face financial penalties and your license might be voided.

If you catch female crabs that have eggs, you have to return them in the water. This applies to pretty much all crabbing destinations in the U.S. because if everybody were to catch them, the population of crabs in those areas would drop or even experience a massive die-off.

Size Limitations

Blue crabs that are smaller than 5” (we’re talking about the width of their carapace) cannot be kept. Stone crabs can be caught but you’re not allowed to keep any. Spiny lobsters have to be returned in the water if their carapace is smaller than 3” – you’re allowed to keep 2 of these per day.

The disappointing thing about crabbing in Myrtle Beach is that you’re not allowed to keep most of your capture. This will definitely have a negative impact on the crabbers that are overly-excited about getting there.

However, if you’re into recreational crabbing and you’re not doing it for cooking purposes, you can have as much fun as you want. If you’re going there with your spouse, make sure she’s not wearing thongs or she might be fined, arrested and even jailed and that’s a huge price to pay for a few handfuls of crabs!

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