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Catching Crabs in Louisiana

Are you thinking about going crabbing in Louisiana? Crabbing is a great past time and the best thing about catching crab is that you can sell them for money or you can choose to use them for a great dinner.

The problem many people have is that they are not sure how to properly catch crabs since it is different from fishing. Fortunately, there’re some easy tips that you can use to catch crabs. Let’s start with some locations to visit!

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Great Locations & Hotspots

  • Rockefeller
  • Along highway 27, South of the Gibbstown bridge
  • Hackberry, near Sulphur. Blue Crab Recreational Area
  • Elmer’s Island
  • Pointe Aux Chene WMA
  • Bonecarre spillway in LaPlace
  • Bayou Lacombe

First Tip

The first tip that you should use, is to place you crap traps or nets near seaweed. You will want to do this because craps will often find shelter near seaweed for protection, so this will be a good most to catch a lot of them. It is easy to lose your pots in seaweed, so try to remember where you place them.

Second Tip

If you really want to attract crabs to your nets or pots then use Aniseed oil. This oil attracts crabs like crazy and all it takes is one drop to have them lining up. Aniseed is banned in many parts of the world due to its power of attracting carbs, so be sure to check your local laws.

Third Tip

The last thing that you can do is use old meat as bait. Crabs are attracted to smelly bait like old meat since they are scavengers and like to eat old rotting meat. A crabs main food source is dead fish, so using it as bait will be very useful for catching them.

These are some simple ways you can catch crabs in Louisiana. When you go crabbing be sure to place your trap near seaweed, use aniseed oil, and use dead fish as bait. Hopefully, you will fair well on your trip.

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