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Catch Crabs in Kent Island, Maryland

Are you looking to catch a lot of crabs in Kent Island? Crabbing is a fun event and it can be very profitable as well. Many people when they first begin crabbing have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can use to catch a lot of crabs on your first go about. Let’s begin by going over three tips that you can use today to catch a good amount of crabs in Kent Island.

Top Hotspots

Once you learn were crabs are located, you will be able to catch a lot of time. If you do research online you would notice the crabs like to hide in seaweed and will usually seek shelter there. With this information, you should set up your traps and nets the seaweeds of Kent Island. The only thing that you have to remember is where you have placed your pots or seaweed since they can get lost in seaweed.

Cox Creek

End of Rt 8 is Romancoke pier

Island Matapeake, romancoke, and the Kent narrows

Rent a boat from Crab Alley marina

If you want to try a powerful oil to attract crabs try at seed oil. You only need one or two drops and it will attract a fair amount of craps. You do not want to get fined for using this oil, so make sure that it is legal in your local area. You can find this oil at some fish stores, but you may have to buy it online.

You should use old meat as bait because crabs are scavengers so they are attracted to smelly meat. You can use old fish because this is something that crabs usually eat.

These are just some simple ways that you can catch crabs in Kent Island. Hopefully, you can use the tips to help with your crabbing experience.

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