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Crabbing in Half Moon Bay

Are you looking to catch a good amount of crabs in Half Moon Bay? A lot of people like to go crabbing because it is fun and it is a great way to eat fresh crabs for dinner.

Many people have a hard time catching carbs, due to how different it is from regular fishing. Fortunately, once you learned a couple of tricks crabbing becomes pretty easy.


Pillar Point Harbor

Pacifica Municipal Pier at high tide

Baker Beach

Ocean Beach

Fort Funston in San Francisco

Let’s go over three important tips you should learn before going crabbing in Half Moon Bay.

Knowing the location of where to drop your nets or pots is very important when crabbing. If you do some quick research online you and noticed that crabs generally stay around seaweed. They stick around seaweed because it protects them.

You should replace your traps in the seaweed to catch the most craps. Just remember where you have placed your traps because it is easy to lose them.

Use a Large Net

You should also use a large net when crapping. This will cover more surface area which will increase your chances of catching the most crabs. You can find large nets online or at local fishing stores.

Aniseed Oil

If you really want to attract a lot of crabs try aniseed oil. This is a very powerful oil and you will attract a lot of craps just by using one or two drops. Some states do ban the use of this oil, so be sure to check with your state laws.

These are just a few ways that you can catch the most crabs in Half Moon Bay. Be sure to drop your nets in the seaweed, use a larger net to cover more surface area, and try to use aniseed oil if it is legal in your state.