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Crabbing in Maryland

Best Places to Catch Crabs in Maryland

There are many good places to go crabbing in Maryland. Some popular options include:

  1. Chesapeake Bay: The Chesapeake Bay is one of the best places to go crabbing in Maryland, as it is home to a large population of blue crabs. You can find crabs along the shores of the bay, as well as in the tributaries that feed into it.
  2. Tangier Sound: Located on the eastern shore of Maryland, Tangier Sound is another good place to go crabbing. The crabs here tend to be larger than those found in the Chesapeake Bay.
  3. Potomac River: The Potomac River, which runs along the border between Maryland and Virginia, is another good place to go crabbing. The crabs here tend to be smaller than those found in the Chesapeake Bay, but there are usually plenty of them to be caught.
  4. Western Maryland: There are also several good crabbing spots in western Maryland, including the Patapsco River and the Susquehanna River. These rivers are home to a variety of different species of crabs, including blue crabs and rock crabs.

In general, you can find crabs in many of the rivers, creeks, and streams that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. You will need a crabbing license to go crabbing in Maryland, which you can obtain from the Department of Natural Resources.

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Maryland might be the most well known place in the USA when it comes to crabbing. Everyone loves to eat blue crabs, and when you think about catching crabs, you think about traveling MD.

Nothing beats coming home with a full bushel and dropping them right into the steamer to turn nice and red. Gather the family around with some Old Bay and have a great meal that you caught yourself! One of our favorite locations is Kent Island!

The following locations are the top spots to crab in MD:

Smith Creek
Fishing Bay
Solomons, MD
Patuxent River
Point Lookout State Park
Annemessex RIVER
Chesapeake Beach, MD
Manokin River
900 Carrs Wharf Rd

Wye River