Using a crab snare can be a fun way to catch crabs.

It’s essentially just attaching some bait to a fishing line, with some additional loops that literally “snare” the crab in a noose or loop as you real them in. They are mostly designed for dungeness crabs due to the crab’s size. You can use a snare to catch blue crab but you might need a smaller version. Also keep in mind that using snares can be illegal in some states, so make sure you have done your research.

We recommend the Promar 6-Loop crab snare.

promar 6 loop crab snare

  • Catch crabs with rod and reel
  • Durable bait cage
  • 6 monofilament loops

You are going to need a very sturdy fishing rod and reel in order to use this method, so make sure to pick one from Bass Pro Shop here.