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Crabbing In Coos Bay, Oregon

Folks who love shellfish are sure to enjoy a visit to the Oregon Coast, which is a well-known destination for outdoor aficionados. Coos Bay is among the many places that a person can choose to visit in order to catch delicious Dungeness crab. Additionally, Japanese crab, or red rock crab as they are sometimes called, can be caught while in the coastal city.

You can purchase your crabbing gear or rent it from several different locations in and around the city of North Bend. If you are new to crabbing or have a limited amount of space, you might want to use rental pots at first, then buy some as you learn your way around.

If you are visiting Coos Bay, you have several choices available for catching crab. One of the easiest options is to go to the bay. There is a great public dock that can be used for catching crab, and the nearby water has large, tasty clams. You can also charter a boat to take you into the bay, or even the ocean for much of the year.

North Spit

Strawberry Island

Clam Island

Training Jetty

Along Cape Arago Highway

Pigeon point


It is important that you get the appropriate license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This is different than the fishing license that you will need to catch the steelhead salmon and other flavorful ocean dwelling fare. Your shellfish license will allow you to dig up some clams as well.

Always double check to make sure that the waters are open for crabbing, because there are occasional restrictions. Take a measuring device to be sure that your crabs are large enough to take from the water.

Keep these things in mind, and you can have a great trip to the Oregon Coast in search of crabs and anything else that you want to take advantage of in this outdoor haven.