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Catch Crabs in Beaver Dam, NJ

When we are talking about the Jersey Shore, then we couldn’t mention fun activities without saying something about crabbing. If you are on a constant lookout for the best spots where you can use your crabbing skills, then we recommend Beaver Dam.

How Can You Catch Them?

You can rent a boat from the Beaver Dam Boat Rentals and start catching crabs. You can choose between a drop line and a scoop net as you make your way across the bay dock pilings.

However, if you are more of a dry-land fisher, you can test your luck with a net and bait along the side of creeks. Another effective but less popular choice would be trotlining. This consists of a long line that rests at the bottom and for every 3-4 feet, you apply a string of bait.

What Kind of Bait Should I Use?

Everyday crabbers are used to chicken necks. It seems to be a very popular choice among recreational fishermen. Apparently, it works great with both traps and hand lines. Another key characteristic is actually a double feature: a chicken neck is both durable and it works tremendously in attracting crabs.

Another affordable and dependable type of bait is a bull lip. Working great with trotlining, this kind of meat can be acquired from any slaughterhouse.

Info Regarding the Crabbing Season

The 15th of March marks the starting of the crabbing season in New Jersey and it lasts until the end of November. However, you should know that the peak of this season usually runs from the middle of June, reaching the top in August and it can last until October, as long as the water doesn’t have a temperature lower than 55 degrees.


If you don’t want to acquire a license, then you can use anything from a hand line, collapsible traps and scoop nets. However, if you want to use trotlines or pots, then, unfortunately, a license is required.

If you’re wondering just how much you can catch, then you should know that the maximum limit revolves around one bushel per day. When you come across females with eggs or spawn attached, then you should release them immediately.

Since we are talking about different types of crabs, you should know the allowed measurements. Peeler crabs should be bigger than 3 inches, soft crabs bigger than 3.5 inches and hard crabs are OK if they are bigger than 4.5 inches.

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