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How to Make Baked Crab Rangoon at Home

    food recipeCrab rangoon is a tasty appetizer that is always a top favorite at Chinese restaurants. Now you can make your own at home by simply following this easy to follow how to make crab rangoon recipe.

    The basic idea is to combine cream cheese along with crab or imitation crab and add them to a folded wonton. Then fry the wontons for a crisp, tasty treat for your family or guests to enjoy.


    6 ounces of drained canned crab or imitation crab meat
    8 ounces of softened cream cheese
    1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
    1-2 chopped green onion
    Vegetable oil for frying wontons
    35-45 wonton wrappers

    Makes 35-45 crab Rangoon

    Make The Filling

    Use a stand mixer or electric hand mixer on medium speed to beat the softened cream cheese until it is a fluffy, light consistency.

    Use a spoon to mix in the garlic, green onion and crab meat with the cream cheese.

    Lay out several wonton wrappers on a flat surface.

    Wet the edges of your wonton wrappers. The wrapper needs to be slightly moist but not completely soaked to stick together. Add water to the tip of your finger and then gently rub it along the edges of the wonton wrapper.

    Spoon some of the fillings onto each of the wonton wrappers. Use one teaspoon to one tablespoon of filling per wrapper, depending on the size of the wonton wrapper. Make sure there is enough wrapper left empty for folding and sealing up.

    Fold The Wonton Wrapper

    First fold your wonton wrapper in half diagonally. Fold one of the corners to the middle so that it meets the corner on the opposite diagonal and then press the corners together.

    Press along the edges of the wrapper with your finger to seal it.

    Next, fold the wrapper into the shape of a triangle by bringing one corner to the opposite diagonal corner. To seal, press the sides and corners of the wrapper together.

    Do the same thing on the two other opposite corners and seal. The result should like a little boat or pocket of filling.

    Fry The Wontons

    Heat 3 to 4 inches of vegetable oil in a heavy large pot. Heat the oil over medium-high or medium heat until it reaches 350 to 375 degree Fahrenheit. A candy thermometer can be used to check the oil’s temperature.

    Place several Rangoon into the vegetable oil. You should only add around six crab rangoon at one time. Make sure there is plenty of room between the Rangoon so that they don’t fry incompletely or stick together.

    Cook the Rangoon for approximately 5 to 7 minutes until they turn golden brown and are floating on the surface. Fish the rangoons out of the oil with tongs, a ladle with draining holes or deep fryer scoop.

    Place the Rangoon on paper towels to drain off the excess oil.

    Serve Rangoon hot. Wait a couple of minutes after taking the rangoon out of the oil so that they are not scalding hot, but serve the crab rangoon while they are still warm. Enjoy!

    If you caught your own crabs, make sure to save some of that crab mustard!