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I am a passionate crabber and love to spend as much time as I can by the bay.  I know that it can bring joy to anyone’s life, so I have created this page in order to help you find the best crabbing supplies, crab decor, blue crab traps, gift ideas, and crab gear from the internet and stores such as Amazon.

The goal is to create an all in one service that let’s you manually scroll through as many crab related items as we can find, while getting a few laughs and ideas in the process.  Normally you would have to spend a lot of time searching Amazon or Google to discover crab related items, but we aim to do that all for you and will try to update this page as frequently as possible.

If you are a brand new crabber, check out the categories for crab traps and nets.  There are plenty of inexpensive options out there for you to buy and get started quickly.  The gift page can be used to get ideas for that crab fanatic in the family, from clothes to jewelry and costumes.  I hope you have some fun while perusing this site.

This site is dedicated to my grandfather, who got me into crabbing.

When I was younger, my grandfather used to sit on the pier, smoke cigars, and drop traps into the bay.

Crabbing has always been part of my family, because my grandfather insisted on it.  It’s a “lazy man’s” hobby, but was essential to his happiness.  He had a crippling leg injury at a young age, and couldn’t be very active.

He used chicken legs as bait.  I still do today, because it seems the crabs don’t really care as long as you feed them.

The “smellier the better” he always said, and “make sure you go at high tide,” crabbing supplies at his side.

Sometimes I couldn’t get my lazy ass up early enough.  Sometimes we didn’t catch a thing.  Crabbing in NJ has brought some of my all time favorite memories.

He’d be out there no matter what though, throwing rectangular boxes into the ocean.  At first I never used baskets or the good ol’ rope method, as my grandpa always had the classic cages, complete with weights and tons of rust and seaweed.

He died before I got very old, but crabbing has always stuck with me.  I even kept the cigar tradition alive.

Feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions.

– The Crabbing Zone