pontoon boat crabbing grillcheck it outSomebody is a damn genius.  What is there to even say?  The Cuisinart Grill for pontoon boat with Arnall’s Grill Bracket Set could be the manliest addition to any pontoon boat ever invented.  I mean seriously.  Who WOULDN’T want this?

Let’s imagine you are out on the bay with a bunch of friends, having a great time and catching fish and crabs. A few beers are cracked, and some jokes are being told.

Then all of a sudden you turn around and fire up your pontoon boat grill. You instantly become king of the high seas, the Poseidon of crabbing. You can add some hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, or whatever you have in store. It is quite literally the greatest invention a man could ever want. This item makes an unbelievably awesome Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift for the man in your family. Think about the joy on his face when he unwraps the best boat grill.

There are a few accessories that come with it, as you can also find a standard grill cover to go along with it. This is the perfect complement to an item that is already completely badass. Add in some tongs and a manly grilling apron and you complete the best possible gift combination any man could ever want.

When you head down the shore this summer, make sure to add a pontoon boat grill to your arsenal. It’s absolutely worth the cost, and will help you create family memories for years to come. And hell, if you screw up and burn everything, at least you are on open water! Everyone can just jump ship to safety!

Next time you dock your boat next to the competition, make sure they can see your amazing new addition. You’ll instantly be recognized as the king of the high seas, my friends.