If you are serious about creating the crabbiest beach house on the block, then it is time to search far and wide for the best crab decor you can find.  There are plenty of ideas out there and in order to get the juices flowing, let’s have a look at some ways to implement some fun and interesting beach house decorations.

Crab Wall Mounts

One of my absolute favorite crab decorations are those large replica crabs that you can hang on the wall or stand up on top of a shelf or bar top.  They look great and are relatively inexpensive, so you can even purchase a few kinds such as a blue crab or a red crab.  Place one or two on top of your kitchen cabinets so that they can be seen from anywhere in the room.  Add one to a fireplace mantle or slide one in between the vodka and gin on the liquor shelf behind the bar.  It makes a great conversation piece, and you can even tell a few tall tales about how it took you all day to haul in an enormous Crabzilla.

Crab door knockers are another way to really start off a crab decoration project.  They come in a wide assortment and look great as a first impression to your crab theme beach house.  I myself would immediately be jealous if I came to someone’s doorstep and they had an exquisite looking blue crab door knocker. These items also make a great housewarming gift idea for the crabber in the family who recently purchased a shore house and is looking to add some crab decor.

blue crab door knocker for beach house10 inch blue crab decoration

Crab Flags and Signs

There is a wide assortment of flags and unique signs that can be used to decorate the inside or outside of your home.  For the exterior of your beach house, you can find great crab flags to hang from the front porch or in a small garden area.  Some have a “crab feast” theme, while others offer a sense of humor, if you feel the need to show it off.  There are also some expertly crafted wind chimes that you can hang right outside your window or in the garden.  Let all who walk by know that you mean business!  The Crabbing Zone has found some great items that cover each of these categories.

If you are looking to begin a man cave project, look no further.  There are some excellent crab signs to be found that not only show off a sense of humor but look great hanging near your bar or lounging area.  They even work great in the garage near your tool bench or outside near your car.  Check out the crab parking sign or the “no crabby attitudes” sign.  Create a project to work on with the kids.  Let them select a few items to place around the house and spend the day decorating their rooms or the family room.  Find crab pillows and other stuffed items that are very fun for all.  It’s delightful to watch the smile on their faces when they get to pitch in on the crab decorations.

crab sign

Holiday and Christmas Decor

There are some magnificent items to crab up Christmas this year, also functioning as fantastic gift ideas.  There are ornaments for the tree and other fantastic stocking stuffers to really show the crabber in the family how creative your gift-giving skills can be.  One Christmas I actually bought a large style crab trap like the Ladner Ultimate, and then inside placed all kinds of small decorative crab items!  This ranged from small kitchen gadgets, to crab salt and pepper shakers, and even crab towel hangers.  It was a huge hit and to this day my family still talks about it.

Find some smaller sized items that could be used in the kitchen or perhaps in the various bedrooms of the house.  You could select an item for the children, for boys, for girls, etc.  It’s a creative and unique way to bring a beach feel to the cold winter months.

crab christmas ornament

Crab Kitchen Decor

If you catch blue crabs or dungeness crabs and eat them, then there is no question that you should decorate your kitchen with a crab theme.  There are plenty of ways to creatively add a crab touch, such as this great cutting board, this crab napkin holder, or this whimsical wine bottle holder.  Salt and pepper shakers, cocktail napkins, and coffee mugs are all great ways to add a small touch here and there.  Not to mention, if you are someone who occassionally hits the sauce, then it’s almost mandatory that you get yourself a bottle stopper and some crabby bloody mary mix!

There is nothing quite like having a bunch of friends over for a large crab feast.  You can stock up on crab bibs and mallets, and even force everyone to wear some goofy crab costumes.  This can be a wonderful theme party that will create memories that will last for quite some time.  One idea I like to use is “Crabbing in the Snow.” Normally, crabbing season only takes place during late spring, summer, and early fall, so creating a fun crabbing atmosphere during the winter months can get people excited about the upcoming season.

cutting boards

Check out this video to get the juices flowing on some nautical or beach themes for your house:

There are a seemingly endless number of ways in which to customize your beach house, and The Crabbing Zone looks far and wide for the most unique and hard to discover items.  It’s not always easy to search the web to find exactly what you are looking for, so our goal is to dig up gems here and there and post them for you to enjoy. Whether you just need to find the perfect birthday gift idea or hope to spruce up that new shore house, there is crab decor to fit your needs.  Nothing like the perfect beachy home decor!  There are jewelry boxes, fans, and other rare finds that can be all yours.

If you need some advice on crabbing, check out Crabby Riz’s Guide to Crabbing for Crabs.

Now get out there, stay crabby, and create the ultimate crab beach house experience.

Start the search!