Blue crab season in Maryland, New Jersey, or Virginia is an exciting time for any long time crabber.  Before the season really ramps up, it’s a great idea to stock up on crabbing supplies so you can be ready to catch blue crabs and have a great time feasting with the family.

Blue crab pots are available in many sizes and every few years it’s a good idea to find an online crab store to purchase new equipment.  Here at the Crabbing Zone we scour the planet to locate the best deals and strive to be the ultimate resource for crab supplies.  Let’s have a look at some of the various gear and gadgets that you can buy to make your MD blue crab season a success.


Crab trap buoys are the perfect way to mark your territory and allow you to return to your traps with ease.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and some even light up! It’s often easy to find them in a 2 pack so that you can buy more than one at a time.

My favorite thing to do is take an Intex Challenger kayak out into the bay to deploy some traps.  I recommend using a larger sized trap that weighs enough to rest on the bottom for a long period of time.  Crabbers sometimes call these “hotel” traps because they are able to hold a lot of crabs that manage to get themselves caught inside.

This site digs up some great package deals that not only provide you with a large trap, zinc iode, caliper and crabbing lines for sale, but also come with a crab trap float included.

    led flashing crab buoy

 crab pot buoy

Bait Box

If you find yourself robbed of your bait from time to time, it may be time to consider a crab trap bait box. These handy little contraptions are rather simple in design, but allow you to add some extra chunky and meaty bait to your nets, baskets, and cages.

Fish, critters, crabs, and anything else picking at your bait will be unable to haul it off leaving you with an empty trap.  They are very inexpensive and can be added to nearly any medium to larger sized trap.  Someone even took the time to invent an awesome glow in the dark bait cage!

protoco bait box

Crab Trap Line

Over time, the salty seawater can have a serious affect on your crab trap line, so it is also a good idea to change it every so often, especially if your traps have gone 5 or more years without a switch.  In my rookie days I lost many a basket or cage when the crab wire simply snapped off.  Fresh crab trap wire is usually inexpensive and can be purchased in small or large amounts.

If you like to go old school and use the crab fishing line approach, then you should have no problem finding supplies such as the Angler’s Choice Crabbin’ Kit.  Fishing crab out of the bay is a lot of fun especially if you bring the kids along, and crab fishing equipment is very cheap and can most likely be rented at the local boat rental store near you.

This is a super sturdy and reliable brand.


extra rope


Here’s a great video on using crab line:

Waterproof Gear

You’re going to be out wandering around in the muck, paddling through the bay, or battling the high stormy seas so you might as well get yourself some waterproof gear and gadgets.

Some of my favorite items are the waterproof walkie talkies you and a buddy can use to cover more ground and call in crabbing hot spots. Some nice wetland boots to fend off the muck are also a great choice and there are plenty of models to choose from.

This also makes a great gift idea for the family crabber as it is an often overlooked element on the crabbing supply list.  And of course the grand daddy of all waterproof gear for the Jedi crabber is the Willapa Heavy Duty Rain Jacket.

waterproof 2 way radio   willapa heavy duty rain jacket

Perfect Gift Ideas Too!

There are some items that you just absolutely must have, or you will risk being a crabbing amateur for life. Every so often when the tide is low or while you are scanning the bay, you’ll see crab floating by…but without a trusty crab net how are you going to nab it?

Just recently I managed to swipe a soft shell crab that was floating by with its mate.  I extended my reach with an aluminum crab net and later that day had a tasty breaded sandwich.

It’s also a great idea to have a trusty tool by your side that can handle the cutting of line and bait or the fixing of traps on the fly.

A standard issue tackle box often comes with the necessary gear to get the job done, but I would recommend grabbing something like the Bear Grylls Multitool.  You’ll look like a real pro when you’re out there catching blue crabs and fixing snags and traps for the helpless crabbers who happen to be in your area.

A crab caliper can help you measure your catch so that you don’t take home an illegal crab or something that’s just far too small.  These often come with some great bundles too so it’s a good idea to cover all your bases at once.

The Crabbing Zone will track down the best crabbing supplies whether you are heading out to the Chesapeake Bay or taking a trip to the Columbia River Estuary in Oregon.

There are many ways to be successful with crabbing lines and flex fold crabbing traps, but you need to make sure you have the right supplies by your side. Crab line fishing is a boatload of fun and I recommend bringing the kids out to enjoy the day on the bay.

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